Al Fresco Dining in Bath

green-parkGoing al fresco is a wonderful way to enjoy a meal with good wine, beer, or other type of beverage. Bath is such a unique place enriched with glorious ancient buildings, quaint streets, beautiful gardens, and magnificent architecture, that on days with good weather, sitting outside is a must.

The Hare and Hounds pub, which is not too far from the centre of Bath, offers visitors a glorious panorama from its delightful garden. Here, diners can have a first-class meal on comfortable chairs strewn around the well kept terrace which looks out on miles of rolling emerald countryside. The menu has a nice selection of mouthwatering dishes to suit all tastes. The ambiance is very friendly, especially if you have small children!

The Hall & Woodhouse, situated at the former auction rooms in Old King Street, offers another lovely outdoors experience. This time it is on a super roof terrace, with panoramic views all over the city. This pub restaurant belongs to the Badger ales’ Dorset brewers, which were established well over 200 years ago. This guarantees the best ales in town, and on top of that, all drinking and eating occasions are catered for. So whether you want to go for a mid or late night dinner, lunch, brunch or breakfast, unlike fancy restaurants, you can be guaranteed that you will have a menu offering everyday dishes and straightforward cuisine.

Milsom Place is right in the middle of the centre of bath, and is endowed with lovely open courtyards, terraces, classic Georgian buildings, and an abundance of interesting shops. The courtyards sometimes feature live music, and this is one reason for enjoying a nice outdoor lunch in the area, as is having a break from trawling the shops. There are several great al fresco restaurants to take your pick from. These include Sushi, Carluccio’s or Jamie Oliver’s.

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