Beaujolais and Other Venues to Eat and Drink in Bath

Без названия (2)This website is dedicated to informing people about the magnificent range of restaurants and bars in the beautiful city of Bath in Somerset. There is such a broad spectrum of cuisine, wines and venues, with always somewhere to suit everyone’s taste and budget: places like the Pump, or the Beaujolais Bistro Bar, just to name a couple of prominent examples from the local food scene.

The glorious region of Somerset is a magnet for tourists: not just from the UK, but from over the world. Bath has always been renowned for its exquisite Georgian architecture and healing Roman bath houses, but now it offers a new dynamic. Over the last fifteen years, it has systematically blossomed into the West Country’s food capital.

Here you can find out about the flourishing British pubs which not only have a charming feeling of yesteryear: they are also a vibrant alternative to more formal settings, open 365 days a year with an interesting mixed patronage of both locals and visitors, many of whom have come from as far a field as Australia and North America.

You will also learn about the famous annual Great Bath Feast, which is a delight for anyone wanting to eat first-class food and sample some of the best everyday wine there is. This is well worth reading, as it is an event that every member of the family can enjoy, from small children to seniors.

And when it comes to eating out in Bath, this website will point you in the direction of a terrific choice in cuisine that will satisfy your tastebuds, and give you a thoroughly enjoyable lunch or dinner. You will also be informed about places of interest where you can eat on site or just nearby, adding a touch of tourism to your food experiences.

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