Enjoying a First-Class Restaurant After a Spa Treatment

HH_breakfastrest_13_1270x560_FitToBoxSmallDimension_CenterA visit to Bath would not be complete without partaking in the city’s 2000 year-old unique spa treatments. Many people do this in the morning or evening so they can enjoy a wonderful lunch or dinner at a spa’s or at a spa hotel’s restaurant. The spa culture in the area is just as popular as it was in ancient times, and if you partake in some of these ministrations, you will understand just why this is. Rewarding yourself with a pampering session, and then feeling great and ready for a nice meal, is definitely the way to go!

There are an abundance of hotels featuring both sauna facilities and an enticing restaurant. And if you are staying in a place without these assets, then you can visit the original ancient Roman Temple Complex situated in a quaint road in the middle of Bath, and see just how the ancients pampered themselves. This one of the best preserved ancient Roman buildings in the world, and is a fine example of an ancient social gathering place. You can also indulge yourself in Thermae Bath Spa, and enjoy one of the lively neighbouring restaurants which are very used to serving tourists with a variety of singular tastes.

At the side of the Roman Bath’s entrance on the main street, tourists can enjoy drinking the beneficial warm spring water, and then make their way to the renowned restaurant known as the Pump Room, in the same building. Here you can enjoy a wonderful meal or just afternoon tea and sandwiches, or cakes. Dining out here is a must, as it is part of the magical historical experience that Bath has to offer. There is even a musical group attached to the restaurant named the Pump Room Trio, which replicates the original one that was set up by the world famous architect, Beau Nash, way back in 1706.

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