Restaurant Style Cafes in Bath

EW_Coffee_Shop_Espression_UKThe Bloomsbury Metropolitan Cafe boasts a very welcoming atmosphere, and is a great location for watching the world go by. Sometimes you can even spot celebrities go by. It is found on the top floor of Bloomsbury, a much frequented and interesting independent shop. This means that while you are enjoying a nice drink and meal, you have a super view over what is going on in the busy streets below. The cafe offers a great selection of warm drinks, exotic smoothies, and homemade soups. Some of the most popular orders include scrumptious toasted wraps and mouthwatering panini.

If you are a seafood lover, then the award winning Fishworks Seafood Cafe is definitely worth a visit. It has been completely refurbished to reflect a dynamic contemporary style, and features Garry Rosser as its new head chef. The beauty of this venue, is that serve all kinds of fresh top quality fish which contribute to a healthy and delicious simply prepared meal. The service is excellent, and the staff are great at making suggestions. The cafe is joined on to a traditional fishmonger, which explains its success. There is also an outside area for enjoying your meal in the good weather, and if you are starving or in a rush, there is even a bar for express seafood.

For lovers of Italian food, the lively Cafe Lucca in the Loft is a fantastic spot for a meal or snack. There is an enticing menu with a good choice of creative delicious dishes. The food comprises great market-fresh ingredients, and both bruschetta and panini are much in demand. The Italian-style home made cakes are mouthwatering, and the coffee they serve is fresh ground.

Sam’s Kitchen is another option. It is popular low key cafe which serves delicious food in a lovely ambiance. It offers a roasted meat joint with signature lunch and salads that are done Ottolenghi style.

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